Hai Yen Restaurant

Hai Yen - class brand restaurants to serve tourists for many years , the brand of food safety and hygiene . The secret of professional chefs to create dishes unique flavor of the sea : the highest standards for freshness of the seafood , spices way reducers suitable for processing into style how " cuisine Yen " . Cuisine here focuses on the cuisine of Vietnam, Europe - Asia , especially seafood with specialties such as lobster , Snout , abalone , oysters , Grouper , squid , sea fish of all kinds, Sam sea , Solid black sea

 Hai Yen restaurant
Menus 150,000 / productivity

   Snout grill
    Shrimp roasting
    Ginger steamed clams discharge
    Fried squid with garlic (steamed)
    Mackerel in tomato sauce
    Sauteed garlic soup chuaRau Galaxy
    Broken rice
    scented towels
    Fruit desserts
 The menu is VND200,000 / Productivity     Roasted salted surface surface     Steamed oysters (grilled)     Shrimp roasting     Snout grill     Fried squid with garlic     Mackerel in tomato sauce     Clam soup sour     Fried vegetables with garlic     Eggplant     Broken rice     scented towels     Fruit dessert Menu 250.000 / productivity    Crab roasted tamarind (steamed)     Baked oysters (steamed)     Shrimp roasting (baking)     Fried squid with garlic     Seafood rolls     Both stars ketchup     Fishing boats and sour fish soup     Fried vegetables with garlic     Broken rice     scented towels     Fruit dessert Menu 300.000 / Productivity
Steamed crabs (roasted tamarind)
    Grilled shrimp hongkong
    Steamed oysters (grilled)
    Fried squid with garlic clearance
    Seafood rolls
    Waterfall steamed fish (fever)
    Fishing boats and sour fish soup
    Fried vegetables with garlic
    Broken rice
    scented towel
    Fruit dessert

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