Synthesis of beaches on Cat Ba island

* Cat Co 1 beach , 2 , 3

 The Cat She has hundreds of large and small beaches , but beaches Cat Co clusters ( Cat Co 1 , 2 , 3 ) is where most tourists arrive by the rich natural landscape .
 Bãi tắm Cát Cò

Cat Co 1 beach Cat Co 1 beach widest , is located within under the mountains , the waves all year round , fresh air and clear blue water , which is where a lot of visitors to rest and shower. 2 Cat Co beach and the tranquil little mystery challenge . Beaches Cat Co 3 carries quite modern colors . Bathing , lounging on the sand or enjoy a drink seafood specialties , visitors will feel all the beauty of the sea , especially at sunset .

* Beach Monkey Island ( Cat Pineapple )

Monkey Island is a small island located 2km from the town of Cat Ba . Beach about 1 km in length , located on Monkey Island , a beach called Pineapple Cat . This is really beautiful beach of Lan Ha Bay . Coming here , tourists are feeling really swim in the bay by the sea here absolute clear and clean .

Beach Monkey Island ( Cat Pineapple )
Tung Thu beach This is an investment beaches being put to use . Beaches here with stray water and quieter beaches Cat Co . Tung Thu beach Cat Ba town is about 2 km away towards the jungle Cat Ba .
Tung Thu beach

* The other beaches:

In addition to the aforementioned beaches , tourists can rent a boat to visit Lan Ha Bay and had to shower at the beach at the island in the Bay of Islands as Van Boi beach , beach Van Boi Son , Three beaches peach , Nam Cat beach ...

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