Quan Dai Temple recognised as national historical relic

The temple is located in La Khe hamlet, Tien An commune, Quang Yen town as a place of worship for two courtiers of the Nguyen dynasty, Truong Quoc Dung and Van Duc Giai.


They were famous generals in the late 19th century who commanded warriors and the people of Quang Yen to fight against the French colonialists to protect national sovereignty.

Quan Dai Temple now preserves many objects with historical, cultural and artistic values of the two generals such as inscriptions, scrolls of honour, pictures and worship items that are in need of protection and restoration to educate younger generations about this patriotic tradition.Each year, on the 26th day of the sixth lunar month, local people in Tien An commune hold the Quan Dai Temple Festival to commemorate and show gratitude to the two courtiers of the Nguyen dynasty.

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