Exciting activities on the island of Cat Ba

Cat Ba beach

Bathing for granted when visitors to Cat Ba tour but out of 367 small islands here, you will be very difficult to choose their own perfect beach without much experience here. From Cat Ba town center, not difficult for tourists to choose for themselves a taxi or tram to get to the beaches Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III. These beaches are not too large but unobtrusive, clear water. The beaches are connected by a small road along the mountainside. Cat Co beach I quite extensive but often overcrowded, while the second and third grounds narrower and more deserted. It should be noted that travelers should only go swimming at these places before 18h30, after this time should not be absolute to ensure safe bathing because this time the tide up pretty fast

Coral diving in Cat Ba

The ocean is both a curiosity , a mysterious world where people wish to explore. If you like being able to touch the colorful coral reefs , swimming competitions and sea fishes , exam pearl , hid themselves among the trees is an image of seaweed ... you usually see on the media informed the tour while in Cat Ba , visitors can themselves experience that feeling. For travelers who participate in such activities more than once will not have anything to worry about , but the visitors never try diving under the sea feel completely comfortable also for the guidance of the coach. Diving center Monkey Island Resort ( Monkey Island ) is a prestigious address that you can visit.

.Sightseeing from Shen Cong bastion Fort Shen Gong ( also known as 177 basis points ) close to the beaches Cat Co I, II , III . Viewed from here , visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Cat Ba Island , from near to far . From the view of the deep blue sea to the bottom , the rolling mountains in the distance , until all the ships moving on the water , all of which bring the exciting colors . When dusk falls, red sun peeks out from behind the mountains to the sea painted a beautiful natural painting with sunset light and shadow stretches on the water vessels always attracted the bold impression with visitors .

Visit Lan Ha Bay

If traveling in a group, you shouldnt rent a boat to visit Lan Ha Bay . If alone , visitors can go graft union and other groups have the same goal , to make sure the experience here sẽ not let you be disappointed . Many visitors said có Ha Lan Bay by visiting interesting retain many wild scenery in Ha Long character Bay coal . Not only have the opportunity to try the feeling kayaking on the beautiful bay , tourists can visit The Villages to more about the lives of Fishermen stayed Lan Ha Bay on this beautiful

Climb the mountain

Climb the mountainCat Ba Island has a rich rock system so travelers choose tours Cat Ba adventurous climbers can register at the registration locations such as Dau Island after 2 hours by boat from the Port du Cat Ba, Ben Beo cliff (from the center of Cat Ba 2 km), Ba Trai Dao island (tourist port, 22 km south as the crow flies) ...  

Cat Ba National Park

Biosphere reserves in the world - Cat Ba National Park is famous throughout the country with the flora and fauna is abundant and pristine sights not to be missed. Here, visitors not only get to explore nature, firsthand encounter and explore the lives of rare animals and plants, but also experience the feeling of walking, cycling in the woods, ... These dishes natural products such as wild honey, tea roses are also rare dishes that you can enjoy here.

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